Full-Stack Shopify App Development with React, Node & GraphQL

Full-Stack Shopify App Development with React, Node & GraphQL

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Learn to become a Shopify App Developer!

This is the first course of it's kind on the internet! Learn how to make professional applications for the Shopify Platform using React, Node, Koa, GraphQL, Apollo, and the Shopify ScriptTag API.

In this course we will using data from the Shopify Admin and injecting it into the Storefront using the Shopify ScriptTag API. 

This course is made as an extension to the Shopify React + Node tutorial available in the Shopify documentation. We will be diving deeper into the documentation where I will explaining the concepts in more detail and additionally showing you how to use the Shopify ScriptTag API to create a concept application that is able to inject custom code into the front-end of a store.

Why learn Shopify App Development - The Numbers:

  • Average annual earnings for the top 25% of Shopify app developers is $272,000 (source: Shopify developers website)

  • 87% of Shopify entrepreneurs say they rely on apps to run their business.

  • Building a Shopify app is a worthwhile time investment: 84% of apps have earned revenue on the Shopify App Store

  • Exponential growth year over year for Shopify App usage. In total 11.6M App installs on Shopify (2018 data)


"Really one of the only tutorials out there on how to build a real shopify app. Worth the money"

- Ricio V.     Full-Stack Software Developer at Lazar Technologies